About Me

Thanks for visiting my site.  Originally created for the COETAIL courses that I  am currently enjoying thoroughly enjoyed (and now gearing up to facilitate), it continues to evolve into a collection of thoughts and projects about teaching and learning in an international setting.

I’m a dad, a teacher, a tech enthusiast, music fan, aspiring surfer and lover of the beautiful game. I’m excited to be plying my trade in an international school with the opportunity to learn from and with colleagues from around the world.

I’ve always enjoyed the challenges of integrating meaningful technology into my classes.  In the past year I’ve started to shift my focus towards coaching others as they discover the power of technology in the classroom.  At the same time, I  ponder the balance of screens and devices with mindfulness and being in the present moment. I hope to continue to develop and lead in both of these areas as part of my professional and personal growth.