In 2018 I had a great idea to start a podcast. I made myself a Google Doc of questions, did a couple of interviews and then, well, life happened and the project got shelved. The audio sat on my computer for almost exactly three years before I finally got back to it, did some editing and cranked the project up.

The podcast is called “Home is…” and in each episode I talk with expat friends and colleagues from around the world to talk about their lives, their experiences and their concept of home.

Available through the player below or follow on Spotify. If you enjoy the show, stop by the site and leave me a voice message. Tell me what you like, suggest a question for future guests, and of course, tell me what you think “Home is…”

Touchdown, Family and Shake Shack Home is…

I met Henry Abbey while working at Lincoln Community School in Ghana. My role as a technology coach and a ManageBac administrator meant I was in regular contact with Henry who worked in our IT department. We developed a friendship over our hours of trying to make our different systems talk to each other. Henry, who is originally from Ghana, eventually moved on to work at an international school in the United States and has since continued his adventures in Vietnam. Henry and I talk about his time in the US, moving to Vietnam during a pandemic and the worries of a parent raising their kids as expats. Lincoln Community School (Where Henry and I were working when we first met) Tema, Ghana (Henry grew up here) Hanoi, Vietnam (His current location) Chick-fil-A (The restaurant where Henry tried to pick up lunch for his colleagues) Shake Shack (The food they really wanted) Special thanks to my Associate Producer Robyn Harwood  Music by John Bartman from Pixabay Music — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/ryanharwood/message
  1. Touchdown, Family and Shake Shack
  2. Airports, Music and Bo-Berry Biscuits
  3. Coming soon "Home is…"