In 2018 I had a great idea to start a podcast. I made myself a Google Doc of questions, did a couple of interviews and then, well, life happened and the project got shelved. The audio sat on my computer for almost exactly three years before I finally got back to it, did some editing and cranked the project up.

The podcast is called “Home is…” and in each episode I talk with expat friends and colleagues from around the world to talk about their lives, their experiences and their concept of home.

Available through the player below or follow on Spotify. If you enjoy the show, stop by the site and leave me a voice message. Tell me what you like, suggest a question for future guests, and of course, tell me what you think “Home is…”

Going Back, Third Culture & Mansaf Home is…

Robb and I arrived in Amman, Jordan as part of the same cohort of new teachers at ACS Amman in 2018. We quickly became friends and our families spent our first Thanksgiving in Jordan together at a camp in Wadi Rum. Talking with Robb about his ideas of home and growing up abroad was fun for me as his perspective is quite different having grown up as a third culture kid. We explored what it meant for him to grow up abroad having been born in a country different from the one on his passport, and some of the challenges of establishing that idea of home for his own kids. Mansaf American Community School Amman Financial Crisis 2007 Pandemic of 2020 Third Culture Kid — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/ryanharwood/message
  1. Going Back, Third Culture & Mansaf
  2. Touchdown, Family and Shake Shack
  3. Airports, Music and Bo-Berry Biscuits
  4. Coming soon "Home is…"