September 30: Playing in the Band

This week we started our after school activities which meant I got to spend two afternoons around a bunch of cool kids who love to play music. I feel so lucky to be a part of ‘Project Rockstar’ at our school. Even luckier this year as both my kids are in it.

My son was in the program two years ago, pre pandemic, and is back playing drums with some of the same kids. I got to work with them on Tuesday and rock a couple of songs. They jumped right back into a song they last played together almost six months ago and rocked it. Big grins on all of our faces.

Today, I got to watch my daughter ‘audition’ to be in a band too. It’s more of a formality really, but I was still a proud poppa. I could see her get nervous as she entered the studio that was full of high school kids she didn’t know, but she got up and belted out the song she’d been working on with confidence. I might have gotten a little misty.

The first round of auditions were Tuesday and we had nearly twenty kids show up. There were a few who just got up and sang, they played drums, piano, guitar and even a flute. It was so amazing to see each of the kids get up in front of a room full of people they didn’t really know and share their talent. But it was even better to see how they all cheered each other on. Everyone got a raucous round of applause after performing.

It’s the end of the 30 day challenge today. I’m not going to call it a success, but I won’t call it a complete failure either. I definitely didn’t write every day but I did a good bit and it was good to reflect along the way. Maybe I’ll find my way into writing a little more detail about my class and some projects we’re working on or maybe I’ll just enjoy what I do and write when I feel like it.

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