Funny the Way it Is

because, “you know how in school you’re creative, but you’re doing it for a grade so it doesn’t really count?” -from Living With New Media Of everything I read, watched or listened to this week, this quote is what struck me the most.  What is it about school that makes a creative kid feel asContinue reading “Funny the Way it Is”

With a Little Help From My Friends

While I understand the importance of understanding how we learn, if I’m honest, I tend to drift a bit when it comes to reading about learning theories.  I start to understand how my middle school students from across the globe feel as they read about a bunch of white guys in knickers and wigs decidingContinue reading “With a Little Help From My Friends”

The Long Strange Trip to my PLN

I’ve always thought of myself as a tech guy when it comes to the classroom.  I’ve been the guy other teachers looked to for everything from trouble shooting VCRs in the beginning to introducing Google Hangouts.  But I was doing a lot of work on my own searching for resources and learning through trial andContinue reading “The Long Strange Trip to my PLN”