September 30: Playing in the Band

This week we started our after school activities which meant I got to spend two afternoons around a bunch of cool kids who love to play music. I feel so lucky to be a part of ‘Project Rockstar’ at our school. Even luckier this year as both my kids are in it. My son wasContinue reading “September 30: Playing in the Band”

September 26:

I’ve done a pretty shoddy job of keeping up with this 30 day challenge thing. I’m pretty sure I skipped the whole weekend and maybe a little more. But I’m back with four more days to go. Working on the strong finish. I made the mistake of getting into the football ⚽️ game during lunchContinue reading “September 26:”

September 22: Hard Conversations

I guess I missed another day yesterday. I just had a little too much on my mind. There were some hard conversations yesterday that got me pretty riled up and also made me super proud of my kid. But those aren’t the ones I’m planning on writing about tonight. At the beginning of the year,Continue reading “September 22: Hard Conversations”

September 20: Changemakers

Tonight I dragged myself to an online event hosted by ELMLE at the end of a long day that included basketball practice and a walk home from school. I was on the fence about attending, feeling tired and frustrated but I decided to give it a go. For some reason I wasn’t properly registered andContinue reading “September 20: Changemakers”

September 19: One of those days

Yeh, today was one of those days where things just didn’t seem to go quite right. A long morning of Map Testing seemed to set the mood. My plan for the day shifted when I got notification that the Microsoft accounts I had requested for my classes were ready. I decided I would go aheadContinue reading “September 19: One of those days”

September 18: Off day

I’m leaving work out of this one. It was a good, weekend day of a lazy morning, getting out of the city, relaxing and spending some time with my kids. I really enjoy my weekend mornings this time of year. There’s a crispness to the air as morning temps are 15-18 degrees and I wakeContinue reading “September 18: Off day”

September 17: Book club

At some point I mentioned that both my kids are in middle school with me this year and that my son is in my class. I don’t teach my daughter, but I do see her quite often throughout the days. Mostly at lunch or at some point when she realizes she left something in myContinue reading “September 17: Book club”

September 16: Half way

Well, we made it to another weekend and I guess I’ve also made it halfway through my 30 day challenge. I think I’ve only missed two days of writing so far which I feel like is pretty good. If I was a baseball player, that would be like batting .875 and that’s definitely Hall ofContinue reading “September 16: Half way”