September 20: Changemakers

Tonight I dragged myself to an online event hosted by ELMLE at the end of a long day that included basketball practice and a walk home from school. I was on the fence about attending, feeling tired and frustrated but I decided to give it a go.

For some reason I wasn’t properly registered and could not access the event. I must have reread the confirmation email ten times trying to get my tired brain to see what I had to be missing but to no avail. I turned to Twitter and thankfully the great people of ELMLE hooked me up and got me in just as I was about to give up. Thank goodness I didn’t.

The session was hosted by students from Frankfurt International School who are a part of their Changemakers club. They led us through a series of models and strategies that they use for identifying issues and working to implement change in the world. The students were incredibly impressive and obviously passionate about their work. It was a fantastic way to end my day.

I’ve got a page full of notes and thoughts to look over tomorrow when my brain has had a chance to reset. I’m not sure I have the space to take on a club right now, but I am sure I can figure out ways to work this into my classes.

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