September 26:

I’ve done a pretty shoddy job of keeping up with this 30 day challenge thing. I’m pretty sure I skipped the whole weekend and maybe a little more. But I’m back with four more days to go. Working on the strong finish.

I made the mistake of getting into the football ⚽️ game during lunch duty today. Oh it was fun, but when I went back into the building for advisory class, I felt like I had just worn my clothes in the shower. I don’t know how kids do that every day and then sit through two more classes. I was so uncomfortable. And then of course, when I got home I had to ice my knee a bit. Turf + running + Doc Martens = not that great for knees. But whatever. It was fun mixing it up with the kids and having a laugh. It’s always a good thing to let students see their teachers as genuine people having fun.

That was definitely the highlight of the day. The afternoon was a staff meeting filled with frustrating talk of how to use our grade reporting system. I can’t think of a much less exciting conversation. Assigning a number value to students work seems so out dated. I would rather give feedback and discuss with students how they can grow than give them a number that comes with all kinds of social pressures and stigmas. Maybe another time I’ll go a little deeper into this but right now I just need to shake it off and go enjoy my book.

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