Its Tricky

Its always interesting how things seem to fall into place. My students just recently collected five days worth of evidence of their digital presence as part of a history project. I had not intentionally thought of the opportunity it would present to discuss their digital footprint, I was thinking more primary sources, yet there it was.Continue reading “Its Tricky”

The Final Countdown

I’m excited about the possibilities of this project. It is one that my colleague and I have been discussing, planning and re-working since the beginning of the year. Working in an international school is a fantastic opportunity for many reasons. For me, the most important of these is the place in which we work. Schools areContinue reading “The Final Countdown”

Conscious Evolution

I was quite startled to find similarities in an article about Apple’s attempts to infiltrate the academic world of Duke University and the democratically based educational programs of rural Colombia.  But there they are staring me in the face. These two articles, one assigned reading for COETAlL and one that serendipitously wound up in myContinue reading “Conscious Evolution”

Runnin Down a Dream

I’ve taken a shot at global collaborations a few times and I guess I would call those attempts mildly successful.  I’m still searching for the one that will stick and feel like a complete success.  I really love the idea of students working on projects that defy the traditional brick and mortar confines of schools.Continue reading “Runnin Down a Dream”

A Change Would Do You Good

As I read Mark Pensky’s article Shaping Tech for the Classroom, I nodded along in agreement.  Change is needed and not just doing old things in new ways.  We need to do new things in new ways.  That’s what education should be about learning how things have been done and looking for new and better waysContinue reading “A Change Would Do You Good”