A New Challenge

My two worlds have collided to bring me my most recent opportunity. The first is the world of connected educators. The second, my mom. Being connected has provided me with a plethora of opportunities, resources and friends. My Twitter world has helped me start an EdCamp and two international chats, be invited to facilitate at a conference, presentContinue reading “A New Challenge”

Learning While Leading

Technology in the classroom opens up a myriad of questions, but also presents fantastic opportunities.  Students have been using technology inappropriately since the beginning of education (finger nails on the chalkboard, games of pencil break, spitballs, those jumping things you make with paper clips). Our job is to present students with technology use that enhancesContinue reading “Learning While Leading”

From the Couch

This week my reflect and write notification popped up while I was away from the office.  Specifically while I was kicked back on my couch.  Unfortunately, it isn’t a holiday or a fun personal day, but a sick day for my little one.  We had to leave school early today to take her to theContinue reading “From the Couch”

The Rise of EdCampAcc Part 2

I believe the Edcamp should be organised frequently as the world is always changing by the minute and thus we need to constantly exchange ideas. – EdCampACC participant The morning of EdCampAcc I still really had no idea what to expect. Remember, I had never been to an EdCamp before and neither had anyone whoContinue reading “The Rise of EdCampAcc Part 2”

The Rise of EdCampAcc

Fair warning. This post has nothing to do with COETAIL, except that I have tried to apply some of what I’ve learned from the courses.  But I’ve got this blog and figure I should use it.  Oh, and it got kind of long, so I broke it into two parts. This is part one. I don’tContinue reading “The Rise of EdCampAcc”

Conscious Evolution

I was quite startled to find similarities in an article about Apple’s attempts to infiltrate the academic world of Duke University and the democratically based educational programs of rural Colombia.  But there they are staring me in the face. These two articles, one assigned reading for COETAlL and one that serendipitously wound up in myContinue reading “Conscious Evolution”

Runnin Down a Dream

I’ve taken a shot at global collaborations a few times and I guess I would call those attempts mildly successful.  I’m still searching for the one that will stick and feel like a complete success.  I really love the idea of students working on projects that defy the traditional brick and mortar confines of schools.Continue reading “Runnin Down a Dream”

Recruiting, Writing and Soccer Gear

Thanks to my wife, Robyn, who is a school social worker in our district, I was invited to share our project at Joyner Elementary School yesterday.  I presented to the 5th grade students and their teachers as well as a few other staff members.  I wasn’t real sure what to expect and basically just adaptedContinue reading “Recruiting, Writing and Soccer Gear”

The Beginning – Part II

The success of Ghana days had us planning to make it an annual event.  It didn’t happen.  I was also a little disappointed with the fact that the kids raised a bunch of money, presented Atta with a check and then had nothing else to do with the project.  The students had participated in theContinue reading “The Beginning – Part II”