Blogging Buddies

So I’ve added another point to my to do list and I’m excited about it. I’ve decided to join the ISTE Ed Tech Coaches Blogging Buddies. I’m hoping this will add the incentive back to posting regular blogs. I got off to a great start this year, but definitely fizzled out second semester. So here’s theContinue reading “Blogging Buddies”

Making it count

This week I get the opportunity to lead our secondary staff for an afternoon PD session. I have to be honest, at this point of the year, I’m not really expecting everyone to skip into the room filled with excitement. I’m thinking I’ll most likely need some motivational words to keep my audience from slipping out theContinue reading “Making it count”

Learning on the Road

One of my favorite things about our Sunday surf trips, other than the surfing, is the time spent in the car with my boy. We have some pretty cool conversations as we drive the forty-five minutes from the city to the coast.  We watch football matches come to life on the side of the road,Continue reading “Learning on the Road”

Lessons from Lunch Duty

This week we had to move from the field to the MPH due to setting up for the PTO’s annual bazaar that’s happening tomorrow.  As I sat and watched the kids playing volleyball I noticed the following.  To be clear, this isn’t supposed to be a sweeping generalisation about the attitudes or behaviors of boys vsContinue reading “Lessons from Lunch Duty”

Learning While Leading

Technology in the classroom opens up a myriad of questions, but also presents fantastic opportunities.  Students have been using technology inappropriately since the beginning of education (finger nails on the chalkboard, games of pencil break, spitballs, those jumping things you make with paper clips). Our job is to present students with technology use that enhancesContinue reading “Learning While Leading”

Projects and Organization

This week absolutely flew by.  I’ve got enough projects in the works that it is definitely keeping me on my toes.  This week I submitted my Google Certified trainer application as I’m wrapping up the series of Certified Educator trainings for our staff.   I’m not sure what the results of the trainings will be.Continue reading “Projects and Organization”

#AEC2016 Reflecting on leading professional learning

I’ve just finished my first real conference presentations.  I was lucky enough to be invited to be a part of the AISA Educator’s conference in Johannesburg this year.  It was a fantastic, challenge that has my mind spinning and exhausted.  Three days of  two and a half hour each morning and afternoon sessions will wearContinue reading “#AEC2016 Reflecting on leading professional learning”

A Post From the Bleachers

This week my post comes from the bleachers as I’m on my weekly lunch duty assignment. One of the things I love about our middle school is the freedom the students have during their lunch.  They have multiple areas, all outdoors, where they can purchase and enjoy their lunch, and they are free to hitContinue reading “A Post From the Bleachers”

From the Couch

This week my reflect and write notification popped up while I was away from the office.  Specifically while I was kicked back on my couch.  Unfortunately, it isn’t a holiday or a fun personal day, but a sick day for my little one.  We had to leave school early today to take her to theContinue reading “From the Couch”

Priorities, Plants & Plinko days

Here we are on another Friday afternoon. I’ve taken care of an apple for my afternoon snack and I’m ready to reflect. I’m finding my most difficult challenge to be the part of the job that I also like the most.  The constant change of attention that comes from staff stopping by for help, emails forContinue reading “Priorities, Plants & Plinko days”