Projects and Organization

This week absolutely flew by.  I’ve got enough projects in the works that it is definitely keeping me on my toes.  This week I submitted my Google Certified trainer application as I’m wrapping up the series of Certified Educator trainings for our staff.   I’m not sure what the results of the trainings will be.  I haven’t had as much participation in the series as I initially hoped.  There a lot of teachers who decided to work on their own.  That’s all good, if they are, but its certainly hard to tell.

Now attention is turning to school policies and philosophies.  We’re in the process of revising our school technology philosophy.  We have it written and are now just awaiting admin feedback.  Its pretty amazing how one task opens another.  Now we’re having to start to look at what it means to the rest of our technology plan.  Something we needed to do anyway, but it brings the task to the front.   We’ve outgrown the systems that we have in place both in size and philosophy.  Its exciting to be a part of the process of looking forward.

We’ve been BYOD for a few years now, but we’ve also had a set of laptops available for check out.  Its created quite an interesting culture among our students.  Its time to sort out if we really are BYOD or not and think about what messages we are sending about our technology program.  In my opinion we have a lot of tech and a lot of potential, but we need to tap that potential and move our school to the next level.

We’re too reactionary right now with our processes and programs.  We need to think forward and get our systems updated and have a vision of how they will grow.  I’m working on this myself actually.  Just switched over to a new organization system.  My new organization planI’m trying out Trello for awhile and I like it so far.  I’ve yet to find a digital to do list that I liked, but this system seems to be a little more suited to my needs.  I like to be able to move things across the board as I work on them.  We’ll see how it goes.

This week I also started organizing a cohort of people to work through the ISTE Coaching Academy with me.  I put the word out in some forums expecting a couple of responses and now we’re looking at close to 30 participants interested.  A little more than I expected and turned a little PD idea into a bit more of a project.  Its cool though.  Opens up another opportunity to learn and lead.

Friday is definitely catching up with me about now.  I think I’ll have some coffee.

Until next time…

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