September 19: One of those days

Yeh, today was one of those days where things just didn’t seem to go quite right. A long morning of Map Testing seemed to set the mood.

My plan for the day shifted when I got notification that the Microsoft accounts I had requested for my classes were ready. I decided I would go ahead and try to get the students logged in and set up since we had a shortened schedule and so that they would have access to explore on their own. From there it just kind of tumbled.

Today’s schedule meant that I started with my most challenging class. My first mistake was not giving them a link but just asking them to type it in. Then when I tried to get one of the students to connect to the Chromecast I realized they were on a different network and I wouldn’t be able to show an example. In a class full of impatient kids, this was one too any delays.

I won’t go into details of the continued flailing around and torched lesson plan. In the end, we did get everyone signed in and we even got a part of my original lesson completed but it wasn’t pretty.

Looking back, I probably should have waited, developed a video tutorial and had them follow that on their own with me there for troubleshooting and support. But that hindsight is 20/20. Funny thing is, somewhere in there I knew better, but I pushed through anyway.

I’ll have to do a little damage repair on the second part of the lesson as I was so frustrated by the time we got there, it lost its effectiveness and I used it more as a independent work task than the think, share and discover activity I had hoped it would be. But, these things happen.

So, lesson learned. I’ll reset now that I’ve reflected and keep figuring out ways to do this teaching thing better.

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