September 30: Playing in the Band

This week we started our after school activities which meant I got to spend two afternoons around a bunch of cool kids who love to play music. I feel so lucky to be a part of ‘Project Rockstar’ at our school. Even luckier this year as both my kids are in it. My son wasContinue reading “September 30: Playing in the Band”

September 19: One of those days

Yeh, today was one of those days where things just didn’t seem to go quite right. A long morning of Map Testing seemed to set the mood. My plan for the day shifted when I got notification that the Microsoft accounts I had requested for my classes were ready. I decided I would go aheadContinue reading “September 19: One of those days”

September 9: Mystery

Made it. It’s finally the weekend. I had part of a project go missing yesterday. One of the characters from our build a shelter project disappeared. I have to be honest, I feared the worst, that a student had picked them up and taken them. I hate feeling that way, but it seemed quite possible.Continue reading “September 9: Mystery”

September 3: Working with my kids

Today is Friday, so it is the weekend here in Jordan. That means I do not have a class to reflect on today, but since I signed up for a 30 day challenge, I reckon I’ll write a little anyway. This is the first year that both of my own children are in the middleContinue reading “September 3: Working with my kids”

Reboot, again

Hello? Is this thing on? I’ve finally found this blog again after it got buried under a new country, new school and new classes. I’m officially dusting it off and planning to document the next phase of my career here at American Community School in Amman, Jordan. Hopefully, it won’t get buried again. Next year,Continue reading “Reboot, again”