September 16: Half way

Well, we made it to another weekend and I guess I’ve also made it halfway through my 30 day challenge. I think I’ve only missed two days of writing so far which I feel like is pretty good. If I was a baseball player, that would be like batting .875 and that’s definitely Hall ofContinue reading “September 16: Half way”

September 12: Products

Students are making some great progress on their shelters they’ve been building. A few have even finished construction. They’re coming up with a pretty wide variety of ideas for solving the problem of paper construction without any type of adhesives. I really enjoy when projects get to the stage where I’m just offering feedback orContinue reading “September 12: Products”

September 9: Mystery

Made it. It’s finally the weekend. I had part of a project go missing yesterday. One of the characters from our build a shelter project disappeared. I have to be honest, I feared the worst, that a student had picked them up and taken them. I hate feeling that way, but it seemed quite possible.Continue reading “September 9: Mystery”

September 2: Messaging and learning

Today was just 8th grade, DT 2. These classes are fun and totally different personalities as groups. I started the class with the usual Design of the Day, but I prefaced it with a little information about the article I noted in the last entry and how it has me thinking about how we categorizeContinue reading “September 2: Messaging and learning”

September 1: New Projects, Either/Or & Pronouns

7th grade started the Rescue Mission Sprint after setting up the websites for their design journals. Walking them thru the setup step by step was super helpful and made sure everyone had the same format and was ready to go. Now I just need to check the links to see if they really work. TheContinue reading “September 1: New Projects, Either/Or & Pronouns”

Reboot, again

Hello? Is this thing on? I’ve finally found this blog again after it got buried under a new country, new school and new classes. I’m officially dusting it off and planning to document the next phase of my career here at American Community School in Amman, Jordan. Hopefully, it won’t get buried again. Next year,Continue reading “Reboot, again”

Shout it Out Loud: Course 3 Final Project

First of all, I spent way too much time on this assignment. But that’s ok, because I really dig this kind of stuff. I had a good time working through my design, redesigning, scratching it and starting over and finally coming up with a finalish product. I’m pretty sure I’ll tweak this more in theContinue reading “Shout it Out Loud: Course 3 Final Project”