September 12: Products

Students are making some great progress on their shelters they’ve been building. A few have even finished construction. They’re coming up with a pretty wide variety of ideas for solving the problem of paper construction without any type of adhesives. I really enjoy when projects get to the stage where I’m just offering feedback or suggestions and helping locate supplies.

I think my favorite part is when students slowly begin to see each other as resources. I have to encourage them to get up and look around at what others are doing. For many of them, it goes against everything they know about school. They are constantly being told to do their own work or keep their eyes on their own papers, so when I tell them to go look at what someone else is doing they often look at me like they think it’s a trick. But then, they see I’m serious and they start having conversations with peers and borrowing ideas and it is super rare that they actually copy anything. Mostly because they are not all working to create identical products. They have developed their own unique plans to solve their choice of problems, so getting an idea from their peers is just good learning.

Here’s just a few examples so far. I’m looking forward to creating a whole gallery soon.

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