September 11: Weekends

I forgot to write yesterday. Well, maybe I didn’t forget because I definitely thought about it, but I just didn’t do it. It’s the weekend and I just didn’t make the time, and I’m ok with that.

My family works hard during the week. My wife and I as educators and my kids as students. This return to school has been both physically and emotionally draining. It’s not just the work part, but it’s also still adjusting to being around people all day for eight plus hours. That’s not something we’ve done for a long time.

So when the weekend hits, it’s a time to unwind and let my brain and body relax. Sometimes that means skipping a day of a thirty day challenge. Instead, I sat on the roof for my morning coffee, I read my book, walked the dog, took a nap and went to hang out and laugh with friends. It was just what I needed so that tomorrow, I can show up for my students again.

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