Shout it Out Loud: Course 3 Final Project

Ryan Harwood About MeFirst of all, I spent way too much time on this assignment. But that’s ok, because I really dig this kind of stuff. I had a good time working through my design, redesigning, scratching it and starting over and finally coming up with a finalish product. I’m pretty sure I’ll tweak this more in the future, not just because a resume should be kept up to date, but because I always feel like I can make it better.

As for the process, I did a bit of planning, looked through some templates and reviewed my resume, from 2012 and then jumped into creation.  I decided to use Piktochart to build an infographic resume as I had played with it a few times with my students in the past.  I referenced this article about color choices in business and did my best to apply to the laws of CRAP and KISS.

Kiss saunaopenair2010
Not That KISS
My final product was at the 87.6% complete mark when I came across Rob’s post and realized I was going about it a wee bit wrong.  I was also jealous that he had thought to post a rough draft for others to critique ahead of time. My first draft just felt too cartoonish and long.  Then I got this Tweet

Back to the drawing board again…  I had not even thought about needing this to be a printable document.  It makes sense though. If I really want it to be a resume, it needs to be printable as well as clickable.  I made some adjustments and came up with what you see on this page and on my About Me page here on my site.  I’m not looking at it as a full fledge resume yet.  I’ve got some work to do to have it as something I want to use for recruiting time.  But we are comfortable here in Ghana and have a good bit of time left on our contract.  So I see this as a good start and a valuable bit of practice.

I look forward to getting some feedback on what I’ve created and making improvements along the way.  I’m already thinking about some changes…

KISS Image credit:

By Fileri (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons



  1. Chelle says:


    I am so glad that I came across your final project. Unit 5’s reading on how visual resumes could be created and used was fascinating, so it is really awesome to see it in action. Your idea to use the stones to be symbolic for experiences that create who we are as people and educators is super cool.

    Since you asked for input, mine would be to change the color scheme a bit. Blue and grey are beautiful, but what about adding a contrast color that gives your resume a bit of the “wow” factor?

    Thanks for being brave and putting your work out there for input. Starting the whole process seemed a bit intimidating, so having examples (thanks for linking Rob’s as well) of this makes it seem like I can do it too.


    1. Ryan Harwood says:

      Thanks for the feedback Chelle. It was a fun process and I think it has potential. I’m not completely sold on this version, but I think I’ll go with some version of it in the future. I’ve actually already got version 2.0 started. I’ll play with the colors a little more on that one as well. I’ve been trying to use Palleton to keep from over doing the colors. But perhaps a little more spice would help. Thanks.


  2. Hey Ryan,

    It’s so cool to read how this project came together! It’s really fun for our team to see examples of infographic resumes. Best of luck to you and keep us posted on how it continues to evolve!

    Jacqueline and the team at Piktochart ❤


    1. Ryan Harwood says:

      Thanks for the support and ideas. The article you shared with me was a huge help. It made me think through things a little differently.


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