September 16: Half way

Well, we made it to another weekend and I guess I’ve also made it halfway through my 30 day challenge. I think I’ve only missed two days of writing so far which I feel like is pretty good. If I was a baseball player, that would be like batting .875 and that’s definitely Hall of Fane stats. But I digress.

Had a pretty easy day today. Two 8th grade classes of design Tech 2 where we just did a little bit of housekeeping type work today. Students did a self-assessment on their first project, updated their design journals, gave me some feedback on the project and then I introduced the next project, Design Ventura.

I’m excited to see how the project works out with everyone participating this time. I’ve got some details I still need to iron out but students seemed interested in the concept of a competition that involves developing a real product.

Maybe I’ll get into sharing some details next week, but right now it’s the weekend and I’m tired.

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