Blogging Buddies

So I’ve added another point to my to do list and I’m excited about it. I’ve decided to join the ISTE Ed Tech Coaches Blogging Buddies. I’m hoping this will add the incentive back to posting regular blogs. I got off to a great start this year, but definitely fizzled out second semester.

So here’s the deal if you’re interested yourself. Basically, I’ll post at least once a month and comment on the blogs of my “buddies” at least once a month. Its a great opportunity to continue to build my PLN, work on my writing and learn from other experts in the field all at once.

My group is in the table below so you can check out some new blogs too. I’m looking forward to a new challenge and a renewed presence on my blog.

Jennifer Santini United States Illinois
Jeff Newman United States Arizona
Joshua Howard United States Missouri
Natalie Davis United States Virginia

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  1. Katie Siemer says:

    Hi Ryan,
    So glad you decided to join the Blogging Buddies initiative with the ISTE Ed Tech Coaches. Your international perspective will be valued by many! Looking forward to learning and growing with you!


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