The Rise of EdCampAcc Part 2

I believe the Edcamp should be organised frequently as the world is always changing by the minute and thus we need to constantly exchange ideas. – EdCampACC participant

The morning of EdCampAcc I still really had no idea what to expect. Remember, I had never been to an EdCamp before and neither had anyone who was helping me plan.  We had around 80 teachers registered which was fantastic.  I also had a steady stream of emails from people regretfully informing me that they would not be able to make it.  That was expected, but made me a bit nervous too.

When I arrived on campus just before 7 am (our start time was to 8 am) there was someone asking the guards where to park.  I was astonished.  To even more amazement, the guards then told me that they had already shown someone to the area where we were to be meeting.  This had to be a good sign.  There was even one participant, live tweeting his progress as he made his way to LCS!


I got to work posting signs IMG_7470to help participants find their way to our meeting area, greeted the couple of folks who had already arrived and my fantastic team of friends and colleagues who had volunteered to show up at 7 am on a Saturday began to arrive and help get everything set up.  This included one friend who had been up until 3 am enjoying happy birthday calls from friends around the world!  Dedication.

Everyone who attended was engaged and solution-seeking.-EdCampAcc participant

We set up the rooms we had so that tables were arranged in circles.  IMG_7471We wrote discussion protocols on the board along with our Twitter information.  We eventually retrieved the name tags out of the office they were locked in IMG_7485(I forgot to get them at the end of the day Friday) and we got things rolling.  There were sticky notes and pens on every table and soon they were being put to use.

The counter served as our session board

Participants were warm and ready to share their experiences -EdCampAcc participant

Our session "board"
A few instructions

By our official start time of 8:30 we had a buzzing crowd of almost 50 educators from 6 different international schools and these two guys who were working on their own unconference plans and just wanted to experience an EdCamp.  Only two of our participants had ever been to an EdCamp before.  It already felt like a success.


Interacting with faculty from other area schools. The overall spirit of the event, which was very positive – EdCampAcc participant

I won’t drag out the details. I’ll let the pictures and the feedback tell the rest of the story.  It was a great day and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to do it all again.  Thanks to all the awesome people at LCS who helped make it happen, and all the awesome educators that joined us and made it a success.

It was getting the opportunity to interact with other colleagues I least thought I will meet.
Listening to colleagues teachers and getting the chance to speak about my practices made me feel good. -EdCampAcc participant

I really enjoyed meeting other teachers and hearing about their concerns and successes. It was reassuring to find out that so many others are in the same boat and experiencing the same problems and challenges.

Was really encouraging to meet with such a knowledgeable group of people. – EdCampAcc participant

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