A New Challenge

My two worlds have collided to bring me my most recent opportunity. The first is the world of connected educators. The second, my mom.

Being connected has provided me with a plethora of opportunities, resources and friends. My Twitter world has helped me start an EdCamp and two international chats, be invited to facilitate at a conference, present at an AppsEvent Summit, led me to learning with COETAIL and now given me the chance to become a COETAIL instructor.

But being connected isn’t quite enough. My mom told me years ago, that it never hurts to ask. So when an email came through from COETAIL saying they had this exciting new collaboration with the Google for Education Certified Trainers program and it ended with 

I figured they meant it.

So i asked:

Why not right? The worst that could happen is I don’t get any response.  But I did get a response, and it started a conversation I didn’t really expect with the directors of COETAIL. All of a sudden, I was offering suggestions and talking about becoming an instructor.

In the midst of this conversation, a Twitter friend became a part of the COETAIL team. Lissa and I had originally crossed digital paths as I was working through the COETAIL program about two years ago.  Thanks again to Twitter, we discovered we would both be in the North Carolina mountains last summer and got to meet face to face. (I owed her a drink for all the resources she shared with me as I started as a tech coach)

And so, here we are. Thanks to a random collection of connections, and one little question, a new challenge for the coming year.

#COETAIL is excited to welcome @rharwood17 as the Online 8 Cohort Instructor! https://t.co/RDAMf4StEG pic.twitter.com/yyEfqaTXeq


So, if you’re trying to decide if it is worth your time to create that Twitter profile or join a Facebook group, figure out what hashtags are, or if you’re super hip start Snappin, I’d say yes. It is. But, don’t forget to listen to your mom too. It isn’t enough just to show up, you have to ask some questions, share some thoughts and take some chances.

To think it all started with me talking trash with Jimmy Conrad.

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