14 days and television

It\’s getting closer and closer.  Two weeks from the time I\’m writing this we\’ll be in the air.  Hard to believe it really is that close to finally happening.  Things are really starting to come together and feel real.  I got to talk to my friend Julie Olson via Skype the other night and discussed a few of the particulars of our trip.  She\’s kind enough to open her home to Robyn and I and she\’s committed to getting her school, Lincoln Community School of Accra, in on the project.  She\’ll be bringing a group of staff members from Lincoln along with us to meet with the staff of Community Eleven School.  I\’m excited to have another school involved in the project, especially one close by and with a lot of resources to help.

I also did my first television interview today.  GCSTV interviewed Mr. Atta and me this afternoon to help publicise the work that we are doing.  I know it is just the school system channel, but it\’s still pretty cool.  I\’m excited about this project and I want people to know about it.  It will be interesting to see what the final program looks like.  I\’m not sure when it will air.

Finally, I\’m really excited to be collecting soccer gear next Wednesday to take along with us.  There\’s something cool about working with a program (Passback) that\’s connected to the US Soccer Foundation.  I can\’t wait to see what we get but more importantly, I can\’t wait to share it with the kids in Ghana.  The computers and school supplies are of course very important, but getting to share the beautiful game with kids across the ocean is something extra special for me.

Passback just posted this on their Facebook page.  Some of this gear is headed out with us!

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