Departure Day

Today is the day.  We are all packed up, well pretty much, and ready to go.  Our flight leaves Greensboro this afternoon and we’ll be in Accra by noon tomorrow.  It is hard to believe that all of this is really happening.   Mr. Atta and I talked about traveling to Ghana way back when this project started.  It seemed like a pipe dream back then.  Not any more.

We have quite a lot to take with us.  Two giant bags of soccer gear that weigh 40 pounds each, two carry ons each and then our regular suitcase.  Our carry ons will include three video cameras and three digital cameras for Community Eleven.  Right now it seems like if we make it through the airports with all of this stuff it will be a miracle.

We have just a few more hours here to take care of final details, then the adventure begins!

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