It’s been over a month since our trip now and I feel like I’m just waiting. It can be quite frustrating at times.  There was a landmark event filled with emotions and potential.  The return home and so much to share with friends and my students.  And then, nothing.  For a long time.

Part of that has been waiting for Mr. Atta to return to the states.  He’s the link and he spent another month almost in Tema and met several times with them to discuss their needs and future plans.  We talked a few times while he was there, but only briefly.

He’s returned now and we are trying to make schedules work to sit down and talk.  So I continue to wait.

In the meantime, there have been a few developments.  I’ve had several people approach me with ideas and wanting to help or get involved in some way.  The most promising of those is a music teacher who wants to possibly visit the school at some point next year for an extended period and teach music.  It would also incorporate delivering some simple instruments for the school and possibly toys for the younger classes.

There’s so much potential in this project and I believe that we will continue to grow and make a difference.  But the waiting is truly the hardest part.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm really looking forward to presenting and showcasing your work at the GCS Global Education Conference! This project has so much potential for growth and student impact. Thanks for sharing through this great blog! ~Theresa Hunter


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