Empty Bowls

Monday, May 13 the art department of Mendenhall Middle School hosted an Empty Bowls fundraiser to support our project.  The event included performances by the Mendenhall Step Team and small ensembles from the band.  Ben and Jerry’s ice cream was sold, and everyone had a great time.  The event raised over $600 for our project.

While Mr. Atta was in Ghana this past December, he helped the school to establish a plan for fundraising and building a wall.  With that plan in place and hopefully moving forward, we are hoping that the money raised from this project will be used to develop Internet access at Community Eleven School Complex.  Mr. Atta is working on getting quotes for this and hopefully we can move on it soon.  If course, I have learned that term has a little different meaning when it is used in relation to this project.  It would be fantastic for them to get access as that would instantly increase the potential for communication between our schools.

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