I’m very excited to report that we are once again making progress.  Thanks to Robyn and the CAS program at Lincoln Community School, a group of 4th graders will be visiting Community Eleven tomorrow!  Robyn and I both will be visiting with them.  I’ll only be able to visit for the morning, but the students will be there for most of the school day.  They will participate in Ga and language classes, play some games, share some snacks, and play an afternoon communal soccer game.

We are also making progress on getting internet service installed for the computer lab.  The parents have promised to take on the cost of maintaining the service if we can get it connected.  They have already contributed funds to hire security guards to make sure the computer lab is secure.  We just have to work through some red tape to get the funds from Mendenhall to Ghana, but I think we have an idea for that as well.

I should probably add here that Robyn and I now currently reside in Ghana.  We moved here at the end of July to begin working at Lincoln Community School in Accra.  We are very excited to be here and loving it so far.  I’m also happy that we have been able to establish a connection between Lincoln and Community Eleven so quickly.  I’m looking forward to seeing this project grow among all three school that are now involved.

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