Great News

All kinds of good things have been happening with this project lately.  Hardware for internet access has finally been installed thanks to the guys at I.T. Foundation Ghana.  They have been really cool, supportive and eager to help.  It seems like they have a good program and I’m hoping to get to talk to them more about what they do in the future.  Once we finally got a check in their hands they were installing within the week.  I spoke with the Headmistress at the end of last week and she informed me the wait is now on Vodafone to do the actual connection.  Hopefully that will happen soon.  I can’t believe how close we are to being able to connect CESC with Mendenhall!

I also found out this week that the two fourth grade classes at Lincoln participated in a fundraiser at school and have raised $500 that they want to donate to CESC.  We hope to use the money for books or toys for the kindergarten class.

Our family is also planning a visit to CESC next week on Thanksgiving Day.  We have the day off from school at Lincoln so we are going to take the opportunity to introduce our son to CESC.  We are quite excited to let him experience the place he’s heard so much about for the last several years.  I’ll be certain to share some reflections on that visit next week.

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