Lessons from two weeks of chats

I’m excited about the network that is building here at #AfricaEd. We may not have overwhelming numbers of people in our chats right now, but I feel like there is a definite quality in the discussions.  I think an important part of continuing this for the long term will be building that sense of quality and community.

I’m happy to have a small, core group of contributors if it means we have quality conversations that allow us all to grow and learn.  This isn’t to say that I’m not looking for the chat to grow and include more people.  Quite the opposite.  I hope we continue to grow and those involved will share the experience with their colleagues.  I also hope that along the way we will get more than just the international school’s perspective of education here in Africa.  But ultimately, I think the quality of discussion and learning is much more important than quantity of participants.  So I’ll continue to look for ways to get more educators involved in our chats, but I also want to focus on keeping those who helped us get started.

Finally, I continue to be amazed by the unselfishness that seems to exist within the world educators utilizing Twitter.  I’ve seen so many people over the past several weeks and across several different chats, handover incredible amounts of resources.  Not just a worksheet or two, but months worth of planning documents and implementation tools.  This is what education and professional development should be about.  This is how we develop innovation and creativity in our schools.  By selflessly sharing the things that work.  Because they work and because, in the end, it really is about the students.

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