Value Added

Reflection has been the learner profile trait of the last couple of weeks here at LCS so I thought it fitting that I take a few moments to look back at the first two months of #AfricaEd and what I’ve learned.  So here’s my list, in no particular order. Developing and maintaining a Twitter chatContinue reading “Value Added”

Lessons from two weeks of chats

I’m excited about the network that is building here at #AfricaEd. We may not have overwhelming numbers of people in our chats right now, but I feel like there is a definite quality in the discussions.  I think an important part of continuing this for the long term will be building that sense of qualityContinue reading “Lessons from two weeks of chats”


In Ghana, Akwaaba means welcome.  I’m more than happy to extend the greeting to all that have been a part of this fantastic first week of #AfricaEd. Tuesday marked the first edition of #AfricaEd. I honestly had no idea what to expect and was prepared to watch my Twitter feed stare back at me blankly throughoutContinue reading “Akwaaba”

Welcome to #AfricaEd

Welcome to #AfricaEd a Twitter chat focused to those working on the African Continent.  Whether you are an international educator or working in a local school, I hope that you will join this new PLN to learn, share and borrow ideas from educators across Africa and the world. #AfricaEd will be a slow chat.  StartingContinue reading “Welcome to #AfricaEd”