Welcome to #AfricaEd

Welcome to #AfricaEd a Twitter chat focused to those working on the African Continent.  Whether you are an international educator or working in a local school, I hope that you will join this new PLN to learn, share and borrow ideas from educators across Africa and the world.

#AfricaEd will be a slow chat.  Starting out, we’ll have chats just twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday.  Questions will be posted at 7:00 am GMT on each day.  Respond any time and as much as you please throughout the day and follow #AfricaEd to enjoy the conversation.  You might not get an immediate reply, but you should get one eventually.  We cross a few time zones, so we’ll see what happens.

This is about building a community of educators.  Be active to get the most out of it.  Join the conversation, suggest a topic, even moderate for a day.  But if you’re new to Twitter or chats, feel free to just follow along until you’re comfortable.  Just know that we definitely want to hear from you.

Tips for being a part of the conversation.

  • Always remember to add #AfricaEd to your tweets (I like to copy and paste, its quicker)
  • Reply directly to others for 1:1 conversations
  • Retweet and Favorite good ideas to share and save for later
  • tag others in the conversation by using their Twitter handle
  • join in
  • and as my kids constantly remind me “sharing is caring

If you are interested in helping coordinate and organize please let me know.

Thanks to @j_iglar, @TyrnaD & @ScottCapro and all the #BFC530 crew for the inspiration to get this started.

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