Value Added

Reflection has been the learner profile trait of the last couple of weeks here at LCS so I thought it fitting that I take a few moments to look back at the first two months of #AfricaEd and what I’ve learned.  So here’s my list, in no particular order. Developing and maintaining a Twitter chatContinue reading “Value Added”


In Ghana, Akwaaba means welcome.  I’m more than happy to extend the greeting to all that have been a part of this fantastic first week of #AfricaEd. Tuesday marked the first edition of #AfricaEd. I honestly had no idea what to expect and was prepared to watch my Twitter feed stare back at me blankly throughoutContinue reading “Akwaaba”

Welcome to #AfricaEd

Welcome to #AfricaEd a Twitter chat focused to those working on the African Continent.  Whether you are an international educator or working in a local school, I hope that you will join this new PLN to learn, share and borrow ideas from educators across Africa and the world. #AfricaEd will be a slow chat.  StartingContinue reading “Welcome to #AfricaEd”