Tell Me What You See

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m in the midst of a transition from a classroom teacher to a full time Technology Integration Coach position.  I’m currently splitting my time between the two jobs.  I’m excited about the change, but it poses a challenge for my focus on the course 5 project.  I could go about my usual business and rework a unit I”m going to do with my students in the next semester, but it would potentially be a one shot deal.  I’d do a lot of reworking, only to use it one time.  Of course the benefit to the students is there, but I’m trying to look long term at my work as well.

My other option is to focus on what I’ll be presenting to teachers in the coming year.  I’ve embedded my almost complete UBD planner below and I would love your feedback.  Its a completely new project, so I’m not technically redesigning anything, but it seems to make sense to use this opportunity to get a head start.

Going this route with my project will present some challenges.  First, I want to make sure that I’m creating professional development that is beneficial for my colleagues.  I want to incorporate the same ideas I would use in my classroom to make sure that teachers are engaged, social and learning.  I can’t stand when we don’t practice what we preach in professional development.

Second, its not your typical unit of study.  I’m tasked with making sure all teachers in our school are effectively using our learning management system, ManageBac.  Some teachers have been using it for years and there will be others who have never heard of it.  So far, I’ve essentially been flipping the learning as I’ve produced mini tutorials as teachers ask questions and I plan to continue to utilize these in my plans.  The key will be how to roll it all out.

I’ve also got to remember that I’m dealing with teachers now.  I have to be aware of the vast differences in experience, comfort with technology, attention span… Wait a minute.  That’s pretty much the same as a classroom.  So maybe that’s not as big a deal.

A big part will be working to get my teachers to buy in to the work of building their collective skills within ManageBac.  I have to be able to sell it as an important part of teaching and learning with an end goal of improving student experience.  I’m contemplating the idea of using badges within the school for this and a few other projects in the works.

I’m excited about the challenge and I like the idea of looking at it through the backwards design process.  I have ideas about how to approach the training, but I’m not sure they all fit into the UBD planner.

Your comments and ideas are more than welcome.  Thanks!

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