September 5: Reading

I waited too long to write this tonight. My kids are playing mini basketball in the hallway, and I’m really ready to just read my book (The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle) and fall asleep. But alas, I’m only 5 days into this challenge so here we are.

Digging this book, its, different.

I’ll go with the reading theme today. I always like to check out what books students are carrying around with them, hopefully reading, and maybe add something to my list. It is a great conversation starter and often a good ice breaker for some of my quieter students. Today was no exception.

I have a student who has barely spoken so far this year, but they were first into my room for class today. I did the usual and asked about the weekend and what they like to do in their free time. Of course, the initial answer is “Nothing”, I mean, it is middle school. But with a little more probing I got an answer of enjoying reading. From there we went into a full on conversation about what they were reading. I have to admit, I was so pleased to get them talking to me, that I can’t remember what the book was. They gave it a less than stellar review anyway. Now I have a connection with the student though and hopefully they feel a little more comfortable in my class.

I keep a mini whiteboard displayed in my room with “Mr. Harwood is reading…”. I actually used the laser cutter to add my face and those words to it so I can just update the book. A lot of time passes between students commenting on it, but every now and then they will, and I know they see it every day.

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