September 6: Connections

Sometimes a favorite part of my job doesn’t have anything to do with teaching. Last night a friend from an old school reached out to me to ask some questions about the programs we use for student management systems and grading and all that fun stuff. I didn’t have all the answers to his questions but I knew the right person to put him in touch with, so I did.

Our new Tech Director is a great guy and when I mentioned it to him he was quick to say yes. By the end of the day he had already reached out and was working to set up a time to talk to my old friend.

It feels good to connect good people and to know that my connections can help people out from time to time. I guess you could also say that some of the same ideas apply in my classroom. I’m working to help students see each other as resources and have confidence that their own skills are worth sharing. Whether it’s thru feedback protocols or just encouraging them to ask a peer for help before asking me, I feel like it is important for them to see the power of connections and sharing.

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