September 7: Running

Almost to the end of the second full week of school and I’m tired. Being back in person is awesome and exhausting. Like trying to go from walking a mile a day to running a 10k in a week. My knees hurt, my head hurts, my feet are tired and I honestly can’t believe I’m still awake at almost 9pm.

It’s not just the physical tired either. Trying to stay ahead on my lesson plans, get videos made for back to school night, sit thru staff meetings, figure out proctoring Map testing and all the other usual teaching stuff along with that side gig of being a parent means my brain is fried. I started playing games on my phone again. That’s when I know my brain just needs some time off.

But it was a good day in the classroom. We’ve made it to construction stages in all of my classes so there are paper shelters being built in DT 2 and paper flying machines being developed in DT 1. It is so much fun to hear the buzz of creative problem solving going on in my room again. It makes all the stuff I just finished complaining about worth it. seeing students fully engaged, working together and wanting to keep working past the end of class is the best.

I’ll try to add some pics of student creations next time, but for now, I’m turning in with achy knees and a grin on my face.

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