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As I submit my final project, I’m still working on the unit in the classroom. For various reasons, the timing just didn’t quite work out, but we are about 92.7% finished.  Throughout the unit, the ideas have swelled, broken, and reformed.  They continue to come in waves.  I have so many ideas of where this project could go and how it could grow in the future.  The fun part is, most of those who are involved do too.  Its been a great experience.

The definite changes that will be coming along in the future are creating more roles for the students in developing the structure of the project.  I think it would be great to have students involved in the scheduling of interviews, the creation of the website, cataloging interviews, promoting the project and creating some sort of celebration at the end to showcase what they’ve created.  There’s a lot of potential there for differentiation and even passion projects.  Students could be involved in design projects, logistics, all sorts of things.

Ironically, the biggest issue we faced un this project was the technology.  Thankfully, not on the instructional side.  The students’ involvement and use of technology was great.  The structure of the project, the timing, participation all of that was easy.  It was dealing with the files that were created in a way that allows for longevity that has given us the most headaches.  As of the time I’m typing this we still have an error message appearing when the files are accessed in Chrome (it seems to be ok in Safari).  Images work fine, but if you click on an audio file on the map below, you’ll probably get a warning from Chrome.  Its safe though.  I promise.

On the other hand, this has provided a learning experience as well.  I’ve been able to have discussions with students about the handling of files, naming protocols, all kinds of issues I didn’t expect. As you might notice, the map is still a work in progress as students update and format their pins.  This is a result of  files being created, needing to be renamed and relocated.  We’re working through it. At the suggestion of students, once the map is completely updated, it will be split into two maps one highlighting the student’s work around their communities and one for the interviews and where students call home.

I could ramble on and on about this project and what I’d like to see happen with it. I honestly think it could become an entire semester of work, but I won’t go there. My video and some resources are below.



Below I’ve attached:

my original unit planner

and our working document for tasks for this project.

I have to say I’m quite happy to get this project wrapped up.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my COETAIL experience and the challenges it presented.  However, I must admit to be happy closing this chapter of my own learning.  I’d forgotten how demanding it can be to take classes while teaching classes.  Throw in moving over to a new job and raising a couple of kids while still trying to find some time for playing with my friends and its exhausting.  But I’m truly thankful for the learning and connections I’ve made throughout the course.

Let’s go surfing now…

Surfing Time

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