Another year in the books. I’ve now got thirteen years of teaching under my belt and it feels good. It seems like so long ago that I sat in the office of Jackson Middle School on a snow day to interview for my first teaching job. Little did I know as my references were called with me still in the room and the job was offered on the spot to start in two weeks, that it was my first step in a career that would lead me across the ocean. I’m thankful for that kickstart into teaching. Surviving a mid-march start in a classroom that had already seen at least two teachers come and go helped prepare me for anything that came my way.

ChangeNow these thirteen years later, I’ve graded my last projects and entered my last set of comments, at least for awhile. When I return from an adventure filled summer, I’ll be a Technology Coach. I’m excited to make the transition to full time after two years of balancing the classroom and coaching responsibilities.

I’ve got lots of plans and even more to learn. I’m queuing up to take the ISTE Coaching Academy Series when I return from summer and I’m reading everything I can get my hands on.  Of course I’m open to suggestions and shared articles any time if you’ve got them.

So as I close up shop for the summer, I’m challenging myself to actually use this blog over the course of the next year to share and reflect on the adventures of a new tech coach in Ghana.

Until then, I’m planning on enjoying the summer, I hope you do too. Lets Go Surfing

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